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There are two basic configurations of bathroom showers. The first is the independent shower enclosure that may be a square corner unit, a diagonal corner unit or a peninsula unit with three sides. The second is the tub and shower combination that is common in many apartments and hall bathrooms. In high-end master bedrooms or exclusive hotel suites a peninsula or corner shower is sometimes integrated with a Jacuzzi tub to create a luxury bathing and spa area.

The shower is a focal point in a bathroom and there are numerous design options for installing new or upgrading the existing unit. The wide range of ceramic and marble tiles that are available will provide endless design alternatives for the shower, as well as the complete bathroom remodel. Full or partial glass enclosures in bright aluminum or simulated brass frames can be incorporated to add a high-end appearance to the designed bathrooms. In apartments and condominiums sliding shower doors can be installed using opaque or clear glass in bright frames that will brighten the tub/shower combination.

The accent of any ceramic tile or marble installation would be the shower fixtures. The hot, cold and shower head pieces are available in numerous finishes that range from chrome to polished brass, and they are manufactured as single lever or with separated hot and cold faucets. For the tub/shower combination there are single lever with a diverter for the showers. In some instances, changing the fixtures alone will accomplish an impressive upgrade.

Selecting the correct finish and fixtures is essential when installing a new shower enclosure or upgrading the existing unit. The selection will dictate whether the remainder of the bathroom finishes should be replaced, so choosing a the right complementary color scheme and textures could enhance the existing design. By taking time to consider the many options for a shower enclosure, the upgrade or replacement will turn out to be exactly what one had in mind.

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