Painting Contractors

Painting contractors – Doir Construction offers you the best experience for your required paint job, residential and commercial. With an experienced permanent crew we will deliver your job in budget and on time.

We have no hidden costs and you will receive a complete breakdown of the required job and exactly what will be done before starting.

  • Complete and thorough estimate of exactly what will be done
  • Permanent employees with supervision
  • All employees are trained and experienced painters
  • Only the best quality products for your needs are used
  • A list of references of prior jobs completed

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Painting Contractors

Painting Contractors – Having your house or buildings repainted can be a daunting task. But by choosing the right painting contractor it can change into a pleasant stress free experience. Here are some tips when considering a painting contractor.

Quality painting contractors will not overlook details and skip out leaving the job incomplete.

When you have a painting contractor come in and give you an estimate ask these questions:

Can you tell me about yourself and your painting company?

Your painting contractor should be able to discuss his or her areas of painting expertise, services offered, years in the business, references etc. Explanations should be straightforward, clear, and easily understandable. And they should speak directly to your needs.

Do you have permanent crew or do you hire in once the job has been approved?

When painting, experience counts. This includes training in the latest applications and methods ensuring a good end result. Ask about the training and elaborate on the employees and their experience as well as supervision and quality checks..

Can you describe your work process?

Consumers want a contractor who takes great pride in providing the best paint jobs possible in all aspects of painting. Thorough analysis of a painting customer’s needs, meticulous and thorough surface preparation, and the finest application procedures utilizing the best techniques available carried out by the painting professionals are essential.

Can you provide references?

Your contractor should be able to provide you with an extensive list of current and past clients. He or she should be able to provide numerous house painting references itemized by street, neighborhood, and town.

Who are your paint suppliers?

Contractors should use only the finest products from the world’s leading paint manufacturers.The house painting professionals should have the knowledge and experience to tailor products best suited to their client’s specific needs.

Why should I hire YOU for my painting project?

Experienced painting contractors should be able to elaborate on what differentiates them from the competition. The use of the finest paints from premium paint manufacturers, how painters always apply paint products according to manufacturer specifications, and skilled, trained, and properly equipped painters treating customer’s property as if it was their own should be discussed at length. The potential customer should be given a variety of information to best assess quality, value, and craftsmanship, and thus make an informed decision.

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