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Revamp Your Kitchen

Kitchen revamp – Most families spend a substantial time in the kitchen. So whether you are cooking or just looking for a bite to eat, this will be the right place. Creating beautiful kitchens that have a practical design is our speciality.

When you are considering a kitchen revamp you want to see the look and feel of the complete space, classic hardware is worth installing. You need to keep a careful watch over the price per item when buying kitchen accessories as it adds up quickly, particularly when you have a bigger kitchen with several cabinets.

Suppose you would like to create a more personal touch with your cabinets just adding some colour might be the way to go. For instance, you can try something like duck egg blue or pale sage green which would be an ideal choice as they match with several different finishes and materials. For getting that high-contrast look consider painting half the cabinets. A palette of white and black with metal and wood emphasizes looks glossy and fresh in the kitchen. To get an enriching look consider painting the upper cabinets with white and the bottom cabinets and the base of your kitchen in island black.

Kitchen Appliances:

You can consider changing your old kitchen appliances when doing a complete revamp of your kitchen, that is if they are old and probably won’t fit in your new look. The design and outlay you choose will determine the type of appliances and accessories you would want to invest in.

Working with Rustic Elements:

Typically for an ordinary kitchen, farmhouse accents adds warmth and atmosphere. Consider changing the kitchen or pantry door with a descending barn door, hang copper pots from a ceiling bracket or bring in a well-worn historic wooden stool.

Simple Shelves for Storage:

Rustic wooden shelves over metal brackets are effortlessly and inexpensively installed, which offers usable display space in the kitchen.

These are just some ideas for a kitchen revamp. Give us a call today and let us sit with you and design your perfect kitchen, they way you want it.

Kitchen Revamp