Built-In Cupboards

Built-in Bedroom Cupboards

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Built In Cupboards

Having a large room to install your dream wardrobe in is easy. Just add more cupboards than you need but what if you’re staying in a flat or a small apartment with a space of only 2.5 meters to work with?

Well there’s a solution for that as well. The key here is to utilize every inch of space that you possibly can and to do that you need to make your bedroom cupboards wider. Instead of installing five 5mm units next to each other rather fit two 1 meter cupboards and one 500mm cupboard. This will widen the space you need to utilize in your 1 meter units and prevent you from wasting that valuable space you so badly need.

Drawers are also a great way to create more space when it comes to designing built in bedroom cupboards as all the clothing items stored in a drawer are fully accessible. Like wardrobes drawers are also better utilized when made wider. This obviously doesn’t apply to socks and underwear but when using it to store other clothing items like t-shirts and pants or other bigger and wider clothing items it does.

Hanging unit design ideas

Most bedroom cupboards consists of more hanging space than packing space as most men wear shirts more often than t-shirts. I mean men do spend more time at work than at home these days so it would probably only make sense to have more shirts.

Women overall use much more hanging space than packing space as women mostly wear pants suits, dresses, skirts and other items that need to be hung up. A women’s hanging bedroom unit will have a bit of a different design where the hanging rods will be slit-on half. This means that on the left side of the cupboard there will be one hanging rod and on the right side two hanging rods with a divider between the two sections. This will allow the one side to be used for shorter items and the long side for night gowns and longer dresses.

Built-In Cupboards