Bathroom Renovations

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Bathroom Renovations

As with all our additional building and construction work we will deliver the bathroom of your dreams on-time and in-budget.

Give your bathroom a facelift today and enjoy the space as you should.

If you walk into your bathroom in the morning and just groan, this is a very good sign that a renovation may be what you need. There may be just one thing, like that ugly old bathtub, that makes you dislike the way the room looks and the good thing about a bathroom renovation is that you can change as much or as little as you like.

Bathroom renovations nearly always include a new vanity or other storage options. Bathroom cabinets are a critical choice when planning and designing bathroom renovations. Storage tends to be very limited in any bathroom, regardless of size.

Maximizing space in a small bathroom and creating the appearance of spaciousness might demand great creativity. For example, these bathroom renovations might require either a pedestal sink or a wall-mounted sink so you can leave more floor area open. This solves one problem, but where will you store towels and other items?

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas